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DLSA Udaipur grants Rs 2.5 lakh compensation to sisters who are victims of child marriage

Turning the Tide: Child Marriage Victims’ Ordeal Ends with Compensation Order from DLSA Udaipur The two minor sisters were married as children, and fought a legal battle with the support of Child Marriage Free India campaign_ Udaipur. The District Legal Service Authority (DLSA) Udaipur has awarded Rs 1.25 lakh compensation each to two minor sisters who were married as 12 and 14 year olds. This compensation comes as a huge relief to the two sisters who, while struggling to free themselves from their child marriages, also became orphans and had no one to turn to. In September 2023, they had approached court to nullify their marriages. When Radha and Meena (names changed) were handed over the legal order granting them the compensation in April 2024, their emotions were a tumultuous mix of relief, sorrow and disbelief. Both under 15, these two sisters from Udaipur have walked a journey and lived a life marred with insurmountable grief and loss. Significantly, the order comes close to Aksha